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Trade Stocks of Your Favorite Players

about TradeStars

TradeStars is a new kind of Fantasy Sports Game where users compete against each other for revenue by trading fantasy Stocks of their favorite sports players

decentralized trading
liquid stocks

Fantasy Stocks are acquired and may be sold back to the game at any time

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fantasy sports
real sports data

Prices fluctuate based on real life data. Outsmart other users leveraging your sport knowledge.

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digital assets
ethereum blockchain

TradeStars uses blockchain technoloogy as an unforgetable record of ownership.

how it works

one of a kind fantasy game

TradeStars brings you the best of both Blockchain and Fantasy Sports worlds. The game is built on a set of smart contracts that interact with users, managing liquid stocks markets where you can trade.

Be the expert
Are you a big sports fan?

Use your sports knowledge and speculate in short or long term with fantasy stocks representing your favorite sport players.

Unlock Players
Outsmart other users buying first.

Maximize the upside of your shares' value by owning the very first issued ones of each card.

Own cards
Make profits with your sports knowledge.

Buy cards and enjoy a percentage of other users' transaction fees. You can also trade it on any ERC721 maket.

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In TradeStars there are special entities called Collections. A Collection is a composed index in which you can also trade fantasy stocks. The value of these shares will fluctuate based on the composing elements' performance.

Find tokens of your favourite teams, top players, or league superstars.

frequently asked questions

What is TradeStars?

TradeStars is the first fantasy sports game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Based on real life performance data and market availability, you can trade tokens of your favourite sport players.

What can I do on TradeStars?

You play buying and selling tokens of your favourite sports players. These tokens will increase or decrase their price based on the game rules and the market supply and demand.

What exactly are these cards I see on TradeStars?

All the cards you see on tradestars are blockchain-based digital assets. This means that they are uniquely owned by an Ethereum address and live on the blockchain. These non-fungible items are backed by a continuous issuing ERC20 token, that you can trade at anytime.

What do I need to use TradeStars?

You need a web browser in order to play. If you are on a desktop computer, we recommend installing install MetaMask on your browser. If using your mobile device, we recommend installing Trust, Toshi, or Cipher.
In order to trade fantasy Stocks, you will also need to fund your account.